The Devil, Dogs And Punks: It's The Stuff!

All the stuff you need to know. Speaking of needing to know, we felt we should come clean about this site. JK Rowling has been writing it the whole time.

-Shout out to all you ladies with the hot beach bods! Swim in style this summer with some heavy metal bikinis! You can get swimwear from Slayer, Mastodon and Ghost B.C.! (Ghost?! The mystery guys who sing about Satan? On your bikini bottoms? Looks like the Devil went down ON Georgia.)

-if you've read Erik Larson's excellent book "The Devil in the White City," then you know all about the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair. If you haven't and that book club meeting is coming up soon, you can skip a hundred pages or so about hiring architects and read this fantastic article on the fair's history and exhibits. (You'll have to wing the stuff about the serial murders.)

-J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) has recorded a cover of Mazzy Star's beautiful song "Fade Into You." You can listen to it here.  And get a Dinosaur Jr. shoe. Yep.

-Geek Magazine has a list of 10 Podcasts Worth Checking Out.

-Alice Cooper says Mumford & Sons isn't true rock and roll. And if he wanted to go clogging, he would go to a Lumineers show. Funny stuff.

-Big Star Drummer Jody Stephens & friends will be performing a short set after the screening of the new Big Star documentary at The Belcourt Theater in Nashville on July 20.

-Henry Rollins shares his 20 favorite punk albums. All essential listening. If you don't own all of these, we suggest you buy them. Maybe one a month for a year and a half. Kinda like a punk Columbia Music House.

Turn an old lamp into a speaker tower!

 DOGTV aims to help dogs who suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are away by providing "relaxing, stimulating and behavior-improving content" packaged in three- to six-minute-long segments, according to the channel's website.  "We wrote and recorded very relaxing music specifically for dogs. Everything we included in our content is something research tells us dogs like to see, like other dogs and moving objects," Levi said.

Which just shows that dogs have better taste than to watch The Kardashians or Duck Dynasty.